9: Industry, innovation and infrastructure


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Through the services we offer, our goal is to promote a sustainable industry, innovations and infrastructure. We want to contribute to a better business life both within our own organization and with our customers.


Innovation and technological progress are keys to finding solutions for sustainable development and also contribute to a thriving work force. As a company in digitization and IT, we have a responsibility to ensure that digital growth takes place in the most sustainable way possible.

Our mission is to help customers in the digital transformation and create real value. Therefore, our solutions and implementation are designed to contribute to simplified, revenue-generating and cost-reducing business processes. We set the bar high, strive to create something unique and through our creativity and ability to execute deliver something beyond the ordinary.

We are happy to contribute knowledge-enhancing content in the areas in which we operate. Feel free to share the material in our inspiration hub and via posts in our social channels.


With our different orientations, we contribute in different ways to digitization, technology and innovation and work for sustainable solutions within our areas of expertise.

It is the people at Cypoint who truly make a difference in our day to day operations. Read more about how we work with good health and well-being, decent work conditions, gender equality and reduced inequalities.

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Naturbild med vy över skog och vatten i varmt motljus.


We strive to be a company that makes a real difference for our customers.

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