10: Reduced inequalities


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An equal society is based on the principle of everyone's equal rights and opportunities regardless of e.g. gender, ethnicity, religion, functional variation, age and status. We at Cypoint are working to reduce inequalities and give everyone who works with us equal opportunities.


Working with inclusion and diversity is something that must be done from the inside out, continuously over time. It is not a quick fix and for us it is important to be open so that we can always improve and challenge our perspectives. It is not just about the distribution we have of different groups in numbers, but also how we value different perspectives and experiences and how we work with our work culture. Here, Björn Petersson and Therese Jäger from Cypoint Incode share their perspectives: "I want to work for diversity, criticism of norms and inclusion within the company and the industry in general. Our industry is very white and male-dominated, therefore I believe that as a white man I have a responsibility to take the initiative to create an inclusive work environment where everyone has a voice and can feel welcome." Björn Petersson, Senior Full Stack Developer, Cypoint Incode

"We have an inclusive way of working and recruitment methods to value talent regardless of background. Because we want to deliver the best possible results to our customers and offer a breadth of different perspectives." Therese Jäger, CEO Cypoint Incode Read more about how Cypoint Incode works for diversity and why it is a must.

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We continuously work to be more inclusive in our communication and how we recruit. By seeing it as a strength to allow different perspectives to take place, we build strong and sustainable teams. In our organization the youngest person is, for example, 20 years old and the oldest 59 years old. According to our salary policy, salary setting must be free of discriminatory elements. "Any difference in pay based on gender, gender identity or expression, ethnicity, disability, sexual orientation or age must not be made".

The various parts of our sustainability work often go hand in hand and create rings on the water for each other. By creating an inclusive work culture, we want to contribute to good health and increased well-being, for example. Our inclusion work is also closely connected with our work for gender equality.

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Different perspectives, for example through different ages, in a team are an asset. At Cypoint, the youngest employee is 20 years old and the oldest 59 years old.


In our social channels, we inform and highlight the importance of why diversity and inclusion are important to us at Cypoint.

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