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Do you find it difficult to navigate the jungle of tools, platforms and concepts in e-commerce? We help you understand how, in what way and with what technology you should work to optimize and scale your e-commerce.

With the help of more efficient systems, processes and tools, you can offer your customers a shopping experience beyond the ordinary. Our team has knowledge of marketing automation, inbound & outbound marketing, campaign engines and other competencies that will help you take your e-commerce to the next level.

”53% of customer loyalty comes from the shopping experience.”

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A large part of the customer experience depends on your e-commerce. Therefore, it is important that it works optimally. But a broad competence is required to enable fully integrated e-commerce with systems such as ERP, PIM, CRM, logistics and payment solutions. 

In an information-intensive e-commerce, a PIM system (Product Information Management System) is extremely important to keep all information accurate, updated and uniform in all channels.

It is therefore important to manage all information holders and their content in an efficient way to optimize and scale e-commerce. Therefore, it is important that information from different data holders, such as product, customer and supplier data, should be easily accessible to anyone who manages products and services in several different channels. 

In addition, the processes around it are required to be optimized based on the company's and systems' conditions and a focus on Unified Commerce where the customer is at the center. We make sure that technology interacts with people, preferably seamlessly and in real time, so that you can scale your e-commerce.  


Cypoint Inspire offers specialists in the analysis and evaluation of the trader's needs as well as which applications in the market we believe meet these needs. We offer both process-related and technical expertise to implement these applications.

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