3 - Good health and well-being


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Good health and well-being is one of the sustainability goals we work towards. We have a strong employee focus and believe in the motto "Employee First - Customer First". By taking care of our employees, we can also do more for our customers. In addition to that, we strive to do what we can for increased social sustainability in society at large.


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Good health is a fundamental factor for people's ability to reach their full potential and willingness to contribute at work. Therefore, it is non-negotiable for us to focus on inclusion and well-being in our everyday work and in our workplace. A favorable health insurance and a generous wellness allowance is offered to all employees. By offering flexible work as far as possible, in relation to the client, our aim is to create circumstances for balance in the life of our employees. We also encourage sustainable and healthy modes of transport through our travel policy.

We believe in healthy and supportive leadership. By trusting that all employees want to do and are doing their best and that they continually aim to reach our goals, our leaders can support, coach and help them reach their potential. We believe that a relationship based on mutual trust is one of the finest compliments. It is with this ethical guideline that we build and maintain good relationships both with each other within the organization and with our customers.

By putting our employees' development, job satisfaction and performance first, our customers will also benefit exponentially.

It is the people at Cypoint who together make a difference. Read more about how we work with inclusion and equality issues on the pages about gender equality and reduced inequality.

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In addition to what we do in our everyday work, we like to participate in various events connected to health and well-being. In June 2023, the Cypoint Infinity team participated in Blodomloppet, a race in Stockholm.


In 2019-2023, a certain amount has been donated to the organization Mind, which works against mental illness. How much we donate is in direct relation to our employees' goal fulfillment.


At Cypoint, people should enjoy themselves and feel good. We promote community and safety and aim to create a happy and tolerant atmosphere where we help each other without hesitation or worry.

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Två personer sitter i ett mötersrum och har en dialog med en person som står dörrröppningen.


We believe that mutual trust is one of the greatest compliments. That's why it's the fundament upon which we build and maintain relationships.

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