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Cypoint Incode offers excellence in programming and system architecture. We find the best solution for you with the end user in focus. 

Most people can probably relate to the fact that digital projects often do not go according to plan. When this happens, most people also know that it is rarely due to technology, but rather to people and communication. Unclear goals and requirements, too many changes without sufficient anchoring, lack of endurance and capacity of participants and a focus on problems instead of solutions.

The budget runs quickly as the number of meetings without progress increases and lack of solutions becomes a fact when the conditions for functional cooperation are lacking.  In order for your digital projects to be successful, we therefore offer the breadth of services we consider necessary for success: everything from development to the leadership and team composition needed.

The right people and a functional team are a must if you want to succeed We therefore believe that the most important aspects of modern development are the ability to quickly familiarize yourself with various technical issues and social contexts. Now, when the half-life of technical skills is considered to be as short as two to three years, the people who learn new things quickly will succeed best. And the teams that consist of people who quickly familiarize themselves with new issues, learn new techniques and who also aim to help each other will succeed both the fastest and the best. When all energy can be spent on solving the common problems, and does not have to be wasted on prestige issues. 

Safe teams with different perspectives and a common goal deliver the best It goes without saying. If you want to get the best solution, you must not miss any significant needs or challenges. You need to secure all important perspectives. Something you can only do by ensuring that as many perspectives as possible are represented in the work group, and that the work environment guarantees that all perspectives are taken into account.

In a safe team there are no stupid questions. There is only a desire to straighten out question marks in order to move on as quickly as possible. 


“Never assume, always verify.” 

High performing teams focus on

  • Ambitious goals with clear requirements. 

  • Clear expectations and smooth communication. 

  • To achieve the best possible delivery by valuing different perspectives and opinions. 

  • A culture of constant encouragement to dare to test new solutions and learn during the process to further develop technical skills and improve processes. 


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Software that secures your business now and in the future.

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System architecture that ensures scalability and future options.

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