Employer value proposition


Our employees are Cypoint - you are Cypoint. With this motto at heart, we create a company for the future, together. At Cypoint our employees are driven to create an inspiring work environment in which we can all grow and develop.     

1. Be special, be bold - be you

We’re a company of specialists who lean on people’s individual drive, abilities and personality. You are unique and no one can ever be or become you - we like that.

You’re the undisputed architect of your own life, both professionally and privately. With mutual respect and understanding at our core, it is our common responsibility to hone these qualities. We believe in a “give and take” mentality where you claim your rightful space and contribute at the best of your ability. To get the best, you got to be the best, which calls for a strong, responsive and understanding leadership that’ll see you and your needs.

2. Be part of the tribe, be part of the journey

Cypoint is a company with specialized offers and highly skilled coworkers. Every individual skill is an asset and when they have the opportunity to intermingle we create strong and dynamic teams. Therefore we encourage our employees to engage in the dual roles of everyday operations as well as being part of nurturing the kind of work environment where people want to stay and thrive. For this vision to come alive, we put the team effort at the center of everything: help, support and utilize your colleagues along the way and share your experience and knowledge with your teammates. At the end of the day Cypoint ought to be a company of extraordinary coworkers with extraordinary competence and, of course, we’re going to have a lot of fun in the process of shaping the company the way we want it.

3. Be brave and dare to stay away from safe

We encourage everyone to try stuff outside their comfort zones - outside the box. We believe that magic happens away from the conventional and safe. We also believe the biggest rewards and personal progress is a result of doing things differently. It might feel a wee bit daunting at first but don’t forget that we are in this together. Only when we challenge the status quo, can we be a force to be reckoned with.

4. Be a doer and do what you can

We believe in a “getting your hands dirty” mentality where every day is a chance to make a difference. Size doesn’t matter; every task, small or big, brings value to the table for you and for your colleagues. A doer is someone who gets things done through a proactive and solution-oriented approach: where others might see hurdles you see an opportunity. At Cypoint we strongly encourage you to find that inner doer and together with your coworkers take the company to the next level.

Become part of a growing team!


We’re building a company with you in mind - together we will learn, have fun and make great things happen!

Welcome to work with Cypoint. We’re in the midst of a cool journey where you as an employee will be in the front seat. You’ll clutch that steering wheel and lead the way for this company and our customers. For us, it is of utmost importance that you can feel that this is a company where you can grow and have fun. We will do this together and build something we can be proud of, at the end of the day.

Cypoint will add new business fields and operations over time and our needs in terms of competence, experience and skills will vary as a result. Will you find nothing of interest at the moment, we urge you to check back later to see if there’s any vacancies that’ll tickle your fancy.

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Our manifest

We believe in a shared responsibility to create a better world for coming generations. With our contribution, we hope to make real change, both through our own work and our customers.

Our values

A trust-based relationship is the necessary steppingstone from which and individual can grow and develop her skills and potentials.

Signed by Peter

With my adventure as an inspirational stepping stone, I decided, together with some good friends, to go ahead and kickstart a brand new company - Cypoint.




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