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We are cypoint.


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Cypoint is a hub of IT experts and talents who’ll help you in your digital transformation journey. In this ever-changing world - with its plethora of applications, technologies, and innovations at hand - it can sometimes be daunting to choose a path. With our deep-rooted expert experience, we can help and guide you towards the right decisions.

The goal for Cypoint is to create real value that will not only benefit our customers and partners but also ourselves. We believe in open and honest relationships and cherish the benefits of trust and transparency. Cypoint will stay with you throughout the journey and together we’ll make sure you take the next step in your business.

We want you to succeed - that’s how we succeed ourselves. At Cypoint, culture is also a success factor. We enjoy working together to implement the best solutions. We encourage each other to claim one’s rightful space and actively take part in creating the environment we want to work in.

We are a company where the employees are the vanguard and through their leadership and determination, companies and individuals grow. History shows us this. 

Cypoint is a flexible and mobile organization. We are not bound to any specific location, but rather work closely and agile with our customers and partners. We believe that the best ideas and solutions come from such a working modus.

In the end, the importance lies in with whom and how we work, rather than where. It is with this realization that we are gazing at a future of exciting opportunities.


A trust-based relationship is the necessary stepping stone from which and individual can grow and develop her skills and potentials.


We believe in a shared responsibility to create a better world for coming generations. With our contribution, we hope to make real change, both through our own work and our customers.


With my adventure as an inspirational stepping stone, I decided, together with some good friends, to go ahead and kickstart a brand new company - Cypoint.

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