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We strive to be a company that makes a real difference for our customers - that is the main proposition upon which we exist.

We know it sounds cliché and ostensibly empty, but only if you don’t walk the talk - and that’s what we intend to do. We put our own bar high and strive to deliver something different and something uniquely ours.

Our company shall be a dynamic company where we grow, change and reshape to meet the needs of our employees. They in return will have the space to grow, change and reshape themselves. In this organic interplay, it’s crucial to provide both space and the tools for the employees to undertake this journey. Strongly connected to this is the team effort and at Cypoint the joint forces are always the strongest and most efficient ones. Together we can bring about that real difference we seek.

At Cypoint we aspire to be a company our employees care about. At the end of the day, the feeling of belonging, meaning and real value is of utmost importance.

Only when we can come together and perform with a unanimous vision, can we help our customers to do the same. When we thrive, our customers thrive.

For Cypoint, the world around us is also very important. Therefore we will engage in pro bono projects for those who are in need of help be it humans or animals. We believe that we all share the responsibility to create a better world for ourselves and for future generations. We will do our part and hope our efforts can bring some viable change for our customers and the world around us.  

This vision will not be reached at the drop of a hat, but when we get there we want to make sure that every minute of the journey was worth the effort and the engagement.


Our mission is to help our customers in their digital transformation and to create real long-lasting value. Our solutions and implementation strategies contribute to simplified, profitable and cost reducing business processes. We will also claim a greater responsibility by engaging in charitable work and give back to those who may be in need of help.

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