Our values

Trust builds strong relationships which build strong companies


We believe that a reciprocated distribution of trust is the greatest compliment one can get. It is the very fundament upon which we build and maintain relationships.

We’re building a company with trust at its core.


It’s only through real trust that good relationships can be maintained - with each other and with our customers. Trust is an important enabler for creating safe spaces where people can excel. We trust in each other and our potential which works as our stepping stone to create honest and open relationships with our customers. Customers who trust us will most likely return.

We’re building a flexible and pragmatic company.


The world is changing at an astonishing pace and only those companies that are willing to change have a chance at tomorrow’s market. Cypoint lives and breathes this principle and consistently pushes for fresh and creative thinking. We also take humble notice of those achievements and truths that have paved the way for successful business and entrepreneurship, let alone within IT. Therefore we strive to find a good balance between old and new to foster the best possible circumstances for a successful organization.    

We’re building a company that will make a difference every day.


Both for us as individuals, but also for the company as a whole and, of course, for our customers and partners. We, therefore, encourage our employees to take on the active role of being a doer and to get stuff done. That is how we can move our positions forward and together bring change about.



Our employees are Cypoint - you are Cypoint. With this motto at heart, we create a company for the future, together. At Cypoint our employees are driven to create an inspiring work environment in which we can all grow and develop.



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