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Fast, effective and easy. Those are the words for Microsoft’s Dynamics 365 product family. Let us help you create a free of charge demo environment. We will show and help you to understand Microsoft’s new sales platform Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement.


CRM and Helpdesk

We deliver Dynamics 365 with great business knowledge and with a deep sense of understanding of your operational processes. Our philosophy and way of working is to provide the right information at the right time. Make it easier for the administrators to fulfill the expectations of the customers. Lower the costs through the help of data and smartness. Intelligent processes helps the admins to make the right decisions every time.



Service Management is a part of Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement. Is your sales- and service departments adequately equipped for a paradigm shift? The Field services is more and more transitioning from a reactive to a proactive work flow, with increasing efficiency and happier customers as a consequence. Mobility, AI, analysis and automatisation are all contributing to an increase in productivity and diversity.


Expert consulting & Dynamics 365

Our specialist have an array of business and technical skills. We work independent of partners and strive to deepening your specialist competence in project, or to match other demands. On top of that, we got experience of “Communication Management” connected to implementations of new system solutions and modules in existing solutions.



With Dynamics 365 for Sales, we can help your sales through identifying the prospects and customers with the largest potential.  

Dynamics 365 for Sales is an app in the new launch of Dynamics 365, which is a bundle of applications that combines customer care, project management, field services and case management. Marketing and other smart services like “power apps” is available. All the applications in Dynamics 365 can be integrated and works with office 365.  

We deliver Dynamics 365 with great business knowledge and with a deep sense of understanding of your operational processes. Our philosophy and way of working is to provide the right information at the right time.

With a long history of working with both Microsoft and CRM systems, we can help you getting a richer in depth understanding of your business and becoming more efficient at the same time.

A modern CRM system in the cloud or at your own center.


Examples of areas within CRM that creates more efficiency.

Within the Microsoft Dynamics Sales, there are built-in processes that will help optimizing the operations of your sales team by predicting their next step or through premade process steps.

Keeping leads well organized och prioritized by Microsoft Dynamics Sales through an automated lead tool function. When a lead enters the system they will automatically be rated based on your rules. These can later be monitored by a devoted sales representative.

Manage and predict the pipeline for new business with a process who breaks down into different phases. Pipeline management guides every sales representative to optimize and prioritize the activities. Every business opportunity in Microsoft Dynamics Sales represents a potential deal. Manage these opportunities in a logic process that the whole sales team can follow. Every step in the process ensures that every opportunity is accounted for and manually taken cared of. An up to date report can help you make the right decisions based on priority.

With a single view of the account, you will see a summary of all activity and contact information. Service orders, ongoing matters, business opportunities, contracts and projects.

Today, a prompt reply is almost expected. With task management in Microsoft Dynamics Sales, you will get automatic reminders, notifications and much more. Important data, conversations and offers are never forgotten and the result is exceptional customer service.

Smarter sales on a platform that guides you through the cycle via a built-in AI function. Dynamics 365 for Sales support you in your decisions whether they are tactical or strategic. Through AI, you make it easier to repeat successful sales.

Increasing productivity usually means increasing profit. Migrate your current business processes to a system connected to Office 365 och LinkedIn data, to facilitate and accelerate the sales cycle. But also to strengthen the business relations and crate engagement around your brand through tools like LinkedIn Sales Navigator.



Is your sales- and service departments adequately equipped for a paradigm shift? The Field services is more and more transitioning from a reactive to a proactive work flow, with increasing efficiency and happier customers as a consequence.

Service and fieldwork is automated with optimized and auto generated orders.
With an increasing interest in IoT,  you can spot potential errors or needs of service before they even occur. Predictive analysis is the future of customer and field services.

For those companies moving in the direction of automated field work, there’s a lot to gain.
Workflows and routes are optimized, which free up time on customer service and additional sales. In the end, it’s all about allocating the right competence to the right place at the right time.

More effective for the supplier - and better for the customer. Both service and market executives strive for the same thing: happier and more profitable customers. What differs is at what stage these meet the customer. Sales and market is keen on knowing more about customers and potential customers and to find more effective ways of analysing data that can be turned into opportunities whereas the service unit strives to streamline the customer service.  


Service generally revolves around surveillance of complex systems to troubleshoot errors or damages and act on it fast. the IoT (every physical artefact connected to internet) units have massively changed the industry for the better.

The industry is moving away from “Break-Fix” to proactive maintenance. Meaning, the service orders are no longer made after the problem occurs but before as a predictive assessment of a potential issue.

The ability to diagnose and monitor complex systems off location, is an important part of the service market. With the increasing integration of IoT, data can be automatically (rather than manually) assessed and later sent to a diagnostic center for algorithmic evaluation and other important cut-off points that matter for the overall understanding of the status of the object.

A part of the technicians work used to be to diagnose the equipment on site. But with sensors and AI that process is premade, which enables for the technician to bring the necessary parts before the first encounter. The result of this is a much more effective service- and material process.

Through software and command centers, the service staff can monitor all sorts of equipment and diagnose and repair from a smart unit or through virtual technology off site. This technology, including IoT and AI, truly make up the paradigm shift for the service industry.

The service provider can manage the planning of operations more effective and therefore increase margins. With an optimized diagnose process, the on site relevance decreases for the service technician. This free up more time for the technicians to deal with more problems which in the end creates a more cost effective business model.

Expert Consulting & Dynamics 365


More complex projects, longer time and limited areas of expertise creates challenges. Dynamics 365 for Finance & Operations is created to meet the needs and demands of larger corporations. These aspects also contributes to longer and more complex projects where multiple countries and offices are involved, which calls for more resources and skill sets.


  • Intercompany movement of material.
  • Main warehouse.
  • Shared report structures including dimension account plan.
  • ”Shared Services” centralize several economy functions as a base for efficiency and reporting.
  • Demands for a local support and functionality, where every individual market has its fundamental needs.
  • Customers usually choose to operate their projects and managing resources through a project management software program.


  • Customer roles to match the demands and to secure the goals of a project.
  • Communication management connected to launch of system.
  • Evaluation of how to upgrade and support the IT environment, especially if it’s a distributed environmen.
  • Modules and new functionality in existing solutions needs ongoing testing and maintenance after which Microsoft is updating Dynamics 365.


As of mentioned challenges and factors, we identify a great demand of the three main categories we offer - logistics, finance and Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement (CRM).
Our consultants is always in the forefront of know-how in regards to Dynamics 365, but of course, also within their different areas of expertise. Our consultants are always our main resource in every customer order and only if we happen to be fully occupied, we will reach for external consultants through our networks of partners.

Our manifest

We believe in a shared responsibility to create a better world for coming generations. With our contribution, we hope to make real change, both through our own work and our customers.

Our values

A trust-based relationship is the necessary steppingstone from which and individual can grow and develop her skills and potentials.

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