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To offer a customer experience beyond expectations! Seemless commerce! Customer focus! Unified Commerce!



Unified Commerce means putting the customer at the center. Of course, all retailers strive to offer a customer experience beyond expectations. Regardless if you are within B2B or B2C. But few succeed! To get there, we need to understand the customer's overall experience of a company, including all communication and interaction, in all channels, over time. Since customer experiences consist of both rational and emotional needs and driving forces, and also to a large extent are based on emotions, we must communicate with the customers on the customer's own terms. We must use processes and tools that produce the effect we intended. The customer acts in all channels and expects support and service regardless. Unified Commerce in its proper sense provides Customer Experience! Cypoint Inspire guides and helps you to offer your customers the best customer experience.


Pim – Product Information

Product information management is an important success factor for companies with many sales and marketing channels. How the product information is managed is crucial for the companies. A good PIM system with efficient processes makes it possible to deliver consistent, high-quality product information in all channels - web, print, mobile and in-store. With services and expertise, Cypoint Inspire guide in the introduction of PIM systems icluding knowledge and processes that provide updated and refined product information.


Expert Consulting

Cypoint Inspire solve the customer's need for expertise in the area of PIM and e-commerce. We offer expert consultants who can both lead but also generally participate in customer projects aimed at improving the customer's sales. Competencies we offer: Project Manager, Business Analyst, PIM Architect, System Developer.


Customer experience & e-commerce


In order to manage and optimize commerce in several different channels, it is important that all information holders, and their content, are managed effectively. Information from different data holders, such as product-, customer- and supplier data, should be easily accessible to anyone who manages and launches products and services. In addition, the processes around it are required to be optimized based on the possibilities and conditions of the company and the systems. In addition to that Unified Commerce requires a customer focus the bigger the challenge gets. The technology shall cooperate with people, preferably seamlessly and in real time.

In a jungle of tools, platforms and concepts within e-commerce, Cypoint Inspire help the customer understand how and in what way and with what technology the customer should work to provide an exceptional customer experience. The keys are help of more efficient systems, processes and tools. Examples of concepts that describe this are marketing automation, inbound & outbound marketing, campaign engines, etc.

With the challenges of e-commerce, there are areas that need to be considered more but require broader expertise and that enable digital commerce to be fully integrated with systems such as ERP systems, PIM, CRM, logistics and payment solutions.

To be considered:


How do we form our strategy for Unified Commerce?

Does our business handle both B2C & B2B customers?

Would we like to offer services outside the actual purcase of a product or service?

What kind of Customer Experience Management, marketing and traceability should we use to create the best possible customer experience?

What we do?

Cypoint Inspire offer specialists in analyzing and evaluating the needs of the trader as well as what applications and tools in the market we believe fulfill these needs. We offer both process-related and technical expertise to implement these applications.


Pim – Product information


The PIM system gives you the opportunity to enrich the often limited basic information about products that come from eg the business system and which makes it easy to show and present the product in an inspiring way. The purpose is to give a customer experience experience beyond the expected in all channels.

The goal of a structured presentation of products is to make it easier to search, filter and find the right products. This affects both search experience, conversion and sales in your e-commerce. It also gives you the opportunity to provide effective support to the customer as both Customer Service and end customer have the same information about the product.

Question of why and when to use PIM?


Do you have product information stored in all different places?

Do you have a simpel and effective translation process?

How does your different channel processes look like?

Is your enrichment process a mess?

Some of the advantages to work with pim:


Same product information is always accessible, structured and traceable in all channels.

A more efficient way of work gives better control and faster release management to all markets. (Time-to-market).

How do you succeed with pim?

There are several factors that creates the possibiblity to manage PIM projects to success. Within Cypoint Inspire we have deep knowledge and experience in this and we help you get the best out of your investment in PIM. We help you to create a unique customer experience beyond expectation.

What we do?

Cypoint Inspire help customers achieve and maintain relevant, homogeneous and updated product information. Through knowledge and certified expertise, we solve the need for the retailer to effectively expose their products in different sales channels.

We offer specialists in the area of Product Information Management (PIM). The specialists master areas such as process mapping, requirements analysis regarding both organization and technology, data analysis and conversion, implementation, roll-out and maintenance of systems and processes. We offer this with generally deep domain knowledge about PIM and certified expertise in inRiver's PIM platform. We deliver this as team commitment as well as with consulting.

Our manifest

We believe in a shared responsibility to create a better world for coming generations. With our contribution, we hope to make real change, both through our own work and our customers.

Our values

A trust-based relationship is the necessary steppingstone from which and individual can grow and develop her skills and potentials.

Signed by Peter

With my adventure as an inspirational stepping stone, I decided, together with some good friends, to go ahead and kickstart a brand new company - Cypoint.




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