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In the spring of 2018, I decided to embark on a new path in life. A path I’ve - tongue in cheek-ish - been referring to as My Life 3.0. As a personal kick off, I decided to pack my bags and trek the classic Camino de Santiago.

It’s a route of almost 80 kilometers made during a timespan of 29 days, all the way from southern France to the final destination of Santiago De Compostela in northwestern Spain. An absolutely brilliant experience, just as exciting as I had hoped for and with lots of interesting interactions along the way.

The pilgrimage turned out to be a perfect time for reflection. About past and present but most importantly - the future. There was a reoccurring theme in my thoughts that stayed with me during my whole trip.

The journey is as important as the final destination. To truly appreciate every step of the way, it is important to do it together with like-minded individuals. With this trek as an inspirational stepping stone, I decided, together with some good friends, to go ahead and kickstart a brand new company - Cypoint.


We’re going to build Cypoint as a cycle of symbiosis where every segment plays an important part in the entirety.

By putting the employees first we can make sure they get the chance to develop and be the successful coworkers we strive to create. When our employees are successful they will enable our customers to succeed and thrive and that’s how we reach our full circle. Part of the cycle of symbiosis is our will to help where help is needed and through help organizations contribute to a better world.

My extensive experience in the IT sector has provided me with the adamant truth that a company is its people. That’s where it starts and that’s where it ends - it’s all about the people. Trends, innovations, and technologies vary but human characteristics last. That’s why Cypoint will always return to this human-driven focus in our day to day performances.

Cypoint will not primarily be driven by profit-maximizing goals. We will rather set our own agenda and tempo for our development as a company. Happy and content employees and customers are our number one priority and we believe that this principle will make us profitable.

Cypoint shall be specialists at what we do and through our excellence offer a variety of tailor-made services, in which our customer's needs will be met. We’ll put the bar high and with the ambition to make a real and impactful difference for our customers.

With these promises at our focal point, I now gaze at the future adamantly determined to take on the challenges ahead. Our mission to reach this destination is not a quick fix but rather something that will organically grow parallel to our expansion. One day we will be there and we will be there because we believe in what we do!

Peter Lindblom

VD, Cypoint

Cypoint logo

Career.Our employees are Cypoint - you are Cypoint. With this motto at heart, we create a company for the future, together. At Cypoint our employees are driven to create an inspiring work environment in which we can all grow and develop.